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A Coimbatore hospital's migration to Linux

Submitted by Karthik on 17 August, 2012 - 12:12

T.R. Easwar is a surgeon--at Ortho One, a hospital in Coimbatore--who moonlights as a python programmer with a passion for open source. In a recent blog post, he has written about his two-year long endeavour to migrate the hospital's PCs from Windows to Linux.

The Thin Clients which needed to work with only our Hospital Software (written in Java) needs Firefox. Most stations needed this software for the daily work. Even though we had purchased the ThinClients after testing with Firefox and our Software, after implementation it was horridly slow. CPU was clocking 100 % the moment we use the software on Firefox.

The ‘Pros’ blamed it on Thin Clients. They told Mangement we told you so. You needed Desktops. Buy it and it will run things smoothly. Blame game between the ‘Pros’ and the software vendor started.

Going by the comments on his post, there's at least one other hospital in the vicinity which is doing something similar.


Thanks for the article and the link to by blog.
It was great to see the kind of encouragement that we got, after a 2 year struggle.
Made it all worth while.
Migration is one thing, proving that we were correct and to keep it up and running is another.
We are constantly improving,
We have implemented Plone based Intranet and are customising it now.
Please have a look at

Thanks Easwar. The pleasure was entirely mine. Yes, I noted your earlier posts on the Intranet project and I'm glad to see it coming to fruition :) Please announce your future posts via Twitter.