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India's IPv6 transition

Submitted by Karthik on 14 June, 2012 - 03:09

The Economic Times has a brief blurb on the status of the IPv6 transition in India.

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre ( APNIC), the internet registry for India, has run out of IPv4 addresses with barely a few left for transition to IPv6. The department of information & technology had directed all states and the central government to switch to IPv6 by March 2012. That plan is still running behind schedule.

Major internet service providers are also in support of the move but are yet to make any official commitments to migrate to IPv6. Government websites managed by National Informatics Center has been made IPv6 compliant but the transition process to make all government websites compliant is still running behind schedule.

According to data by search giant Google, IPv6 adoption is highest in Romania (6.91%), France (4.63%) and United States (1.01%) and the rest of the world is in early stages of adoption. In India, IPv6 adoption is at a dismal 0.04%.

The Telecom Engineering Centre which used to be the forum used by the "IPv6 task force" appears to be dead. But according to the roadmap (cached) of the deployment, ISPs were supposed to be ready for the transition by December 2011.