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The trouble with broadband

Submitted by Karthik on 1 September, 2007 - 21:11

A columnist, Prashant Rao, for the Indian Express expresses his frustration at the broadband scene in India.

So what is preventing broadband from getting into single, forget double, digits? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, heck, it’s shouting in a gale of indifference on part of ISPs.

Why is it that even today after all the ballyhooing about how fiber has been laid to every office building in every city worth naming, the first reaction of any ISP if asked for a broadband connection is all too often that they have run out of ports? Or that your locality is not served?

Go wireless and you will still encounter a solid wall of disinterest. Most cellular providers not only have ridiculous bandwidth caps but their tech support is non-existent. If I had a hundred rupee note for every time I have run up against a cellular company’s support staff making some asinine suggestion about having to call from another line as they need me to turn my phone on and off to get GPRS working, I would have at least enough money for a meal at a five star.

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