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The voice of Gandhi

Submitted by Karthik on 14 August, 2012 - 00:11

Rather surprisingly, I realised earlier today that I had never heard any speeches by Gandhi. YouTube, as usual for such matters, did not disappoint.

During his stay in England in 1931, when the Columbia Gramophone Company requested him to make a record for them, Gandhi pleaded his inability to speak politics, and added that, at the age of sixtytwo, he could make his first and last record which should, if wanted, make his voice heard for all time. Confessing his anxiety to speak on the spiritual matters, on October 20, 1931 he read out his old article "On God":

The Washington Post also has a rare recording of a Gandhi speech. Its caption reads: "In what may have been the final speech of his life that recorded Mahatma Gandhi speaking in English, the leader of India's independence movement addressed a gathering of Asian leaders in New Delhi on April 2, 1947.". The page also carries links to interviews with Gandhi's grandson, Rajmohan.