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Bharti Info faces action for ISP licence violation

Submitted by Karthik on 12 October, 2005 - 14:02

Bharti Infotel has been issued a show cause notice by the Indian government for violating its ISP license. This is apparently because Bharti's networks were used to receive VOIP traffic, which were subsequently routed illegally to the public telephone network by the end user. The DoT has submitted Bharti with a bill of Rs.10.1 crore, besides asking for an additional performance bank guarantee of Rs 3.6 crore.

While it makes sense to request Bharti to terminate the services (leased lines) in question, it is unfathomable how they can be held responsible and accountable for unwittingly allowing their bandwidth to be used for an illegal operation. If this holds water, then perhaps BSNL et. al. can be held accountable for any illegal activity involving the use of their phone lines.

The mind boggles.

Full Story: Economic Times, Sify.