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Winamp & m4a

Submitted by Karthik on 29 November, 2006 - 14:59

My previous post on playing m4a files using Winamp is no longer useful as the 3ivx plug-in expires after a while. Therefore, please use the following solution:

  • Uninstall 3ivx if you have it installed from my previous post.
  • Visit Rarewares and download the MP4 Input Plugin for Winamp.
  • Unzip the file ( and move the resulting in_mp4.dll file to your Winamp plug-ins folder, which commonly resides at C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins.
  • Restart WinAMP if need be and you should be good to go :)

The above plug-in is actually part of the FAAC FOSS project and will not expire. The project maintains

The Rarewares download is actually outdated, but works fine. If you want the latest version, you will have to compile it yourself. The source code for the plug-in is available as part of the FAAD source [latest version at time of writing: faad2-2.5].

If you find an updated version of the in_mp4 DLL anywhere, please leave a comment below :)




just what i needed, my 3ivx plug-in was just expired...


Works real well, no probs at all. One thing, I found the old post with the expiry file. So maybe you can either delete that old posting, or add some heading to it, that it is out of date with a link to this page instead!

from YO/UK