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Wish Net Private Limited


Dwijen Mandal,
86, Golaghata Road,

Subscriber Statistics: 
June, 2011
9 753
9 753
March, 2015
20 471
20 471


Hello sir,
though wishnet has started peering, but still i m not getting peering speed in my area.i stay at behala.kindly look into this matter.i think everyone pays some amount for peering. though many of us are not getting it paying the some amount.thank you.

sir , i am from siuri , borbhum . earlier i was getting high speed peering but now the tracer shows offline or no connection , it would be very helpfil if u look into the matter .

Dear, sir
I stay at Maheshtala. I Want Torbox peearing..............

start peering please. this is our hard earned money. i have a descent respect over wishnet and dont want to end that. i have repeatedly send your company suggestions and queries but wishnet never replied me anything. all other isps are providing peering but wishnet isnt. whats wrong with it? we are ready to pay the extra cost for peering. atleast start that service again

I am from Behala and I want torbox peering.......................plz

Hello Wish Net we are not getting the peering speed in torrentz. As it clearly shows in your tariff plan that you are giving upto 3 MBps of peering speed in 561 plan.. but its giving just 25 to maximum 30 KBps of speed.. here i want to request you to please start peering service now like alliance broadband's they r giving 20mbps of peering speed in 550 plan

I have send my resume to this id :, if any vacancies please contact 9681720515 (CCNA and CCNP Certified network engineer)

I heartfully request you please start the peering plans in baidyabati as we are paying d same amount but not getting bronze super, night, silver super, night, gold super, night.. please start d peering plans as soon as possible.....

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