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How to use liposuction to repair Adobe Reader 6

Submitted by Karthik on 5 March, 2004 - 22:51

If you like me, have been quite annoyed with the load times that one has to idle through while using Acrobat Reader 6, there's a pretty simple solution available to ease your pain. I came across a post on /. that pointed to this Inquirer article.

For the lazy, the steps are as follows:

  • From the Start->Run windows menu, Open the "x:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 6.0/Reader" folder, where x is the right drive letter.
  • Find the plug_ins folder and rename it plug_ins_disabled
  • Create a new folder named plug_ins
  • Copy the following files from "plug_ins_disabled" to "plug_ins": EWH32.api, printme.api, and search.api

Now, when Acrobat wants to hijack my browser, it can do so quickly and efficiently :S