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16-year old solves particle physics problem

Submitted by Karthik on 25 May, 2012 - 18:28

A 16-year old Indian German named Shouryya Ray is being lauded for solving two physics problems that have apparently plagued scientists since the time of Newton.

Ray’s solutions make it possible to now calculate not only the flight path of a ball, but also predict how it will hit and bounce off a wall. Previously it had only been possible to estimate this using a computer, wrote the paper.

Ray first came across the old problem when his secondary school, which specializes in science, set all their year-11 pupils a research project.

The articles are scant on details and the comments tend to concentrate more on successful immigrant integration into German society than anything else.

Update: Reddit users were just as baffled by the scarcity of information on the actual problem being solved, and one enterprising member dug up Ray's solution. There's similar coverage on /..