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India looks to WiMAX for Broadband

Submitted by Karthik on 17 January, 2006 - 02:25

Light Reading is carrying a succinct article on why telco majors in India believe WiMAX will be the one. The article also outlines the reasons why the Indian broadband industry is where it is today, along with a few choice quotes like the following:

"It's absolutely abysmal compared to other countries with equal per capita GDP," says Ravi Bhagavan, vice president at consultancy Galileo Global Advisors, noting that the government's broadband policy target was to have 3 million subscribers by the end of 2005. "Talk about aiming at the sky and shooting the fact I think they hit the trunk."

Reliance and VSNL stuck in a rut?

Submitted by Karthik on 16 January, 2006 - 14:16

The Hindu Business Line has a write-up, albeit with no conclusive answers, on why VSNL and Reliance - both companies backed by the two largest business families in the country - are yet/unable to make their big push into the broadband sector.

Reliance Infocomm has barely any retail broadband customers. Its metro-ethernet plan involved bringing fibre right to the buildings; the company has wired up thousands of buildings across the country.

DoT seeks release of spectrum from Department of Space for WiMAX

Submitted by Karthik on 16 January, 2006 - 12:05

The DoT is seeking the release of allocated spectrum for use in WiMAX networks. The spectra in question are currently being used by the Department of Space for satellite comunications.

"Some spectrum on 2.3-2.5 Ghz band have been made available to the operators going for Wimax roll-out. We have to coordinate with department of space for releasing spectrum 3.3-3.8 Ghz as well as 2.5-2.7 Ghz band so that we can give it to Wimax operators. But it will take time," DoT sources said.

India's RIAA rears its head

Submitted by Karthik on 12 January, 2006 - 23:57

The IMI has threatened to:

take "appropriate civil and criminal action" against over 600 websites and 30 Indian Internet service providers (ISPs) — including the Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) — for "not preventing" the unauthorised downloading of online music.

Besides addressing music downloads, the IMI is also trying to take action against websites offering pirated ring-tones.

India - fourth largest Internet user?

Submitted by Karthik on 12 January, 2006 - 23:18

An article in the Hindustan Times states that a report by market research firm eTForecasts places India's online population at 50.6 million. This places us in fourth spot behind the US [197.8 M], China [119.5 M] and Japan [86.3 M].

It is however unknown how exactly these figures were calculated. An earlier report released by the TRAI placed the number of Internet subscribers in the country at 6.1 million.

Triple Play - Impending availability?

Submitted by Karthik on 10 January, 2006 - 14:40

Triple Play services are apparently in the closing stages of various technical trials around the country, and will possibly be rolled out as early as "early 2006".

"We are in talks with Bharti for trial in Mumbai, but we will be looking at non-exclusive tie-ups across the country," said Hathway Cable & datacom, MD and CEO, K Jayaraman.

Siticable will be tying up with Railtel for voice and has already developed a three-in-one modem for voice, video and telephony in-house through its technical arm Pacenet. The company will roll out its service in the next two months. Hinduja brothers-promoted InCable is believed to be conducting technical trials. State-owned MTNL will start its video service in Delhi and Mumbai by early March this year, and has tied up with Time Broadband Services to source video content.

BSNL actively pursuing FTTH

Submitted by Karthik on 10 January, 2006 - 12:12

As covered previously, BSNL appear to be actively pursuing FTTH as a viable last-mile solution.

"BSNL is keen to procure Fibre to the Home (FTTH) equipment for providing the next generation broadband services to its customers. We have invited expression of interest for procurement of GPON-based FTTH equipment, being the new technology," said a BSNL official. Equipment vendors, including Alcatel and Cisco, are expected to bid for the project.

ISP List

A list of companies in India carrying an ISP license in 2005. This list is outdated. A current updated version can be found here.

ID 1 License Name Area Of Coverage No. Of Subscribers
1 A Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. All India 2262349
2 B Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. Mumbai & Delhi 1207476
3 A Sify Ltd. All India 855690
4 A Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. All India 509411
5 A Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd. All India 309951
6 A Data Infosys All India 245560
7 A Bharti Televentures Ltd.(Bharti Infotel) All India 192996
8 A Iqara Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. (BG Broadband) All India 104281
9 A Shyam Internet Service Pvt. Ltd. All India 50028
10 A Hathway Cable & Data Pvt Ltd. All India 49929
11 A HCL Infinet Ltd. All India 42818
12 B ICENET.NET Ltd. Gujrat 27720
13 A Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. (Hughes Telecom) All India 23955
14 B Asianet Sattelite Communications Ltd. Kerala 23147
15 B HFCL Infotel Ltd. Punjab 18409
16 B Fascel Ltd. Gujarat 18001
17 B WWW Communications Ltd. Delhi 14680
18 A Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd. All India 11192
19 B Broadband Pacenet (I) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 10229
20 B West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Ltd. Calcutta 9437
21 B Seven Star Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. Khar(w), Jogeshwari (w) 9013
22 B S. S. Net Com Pvt Ltd. North East 7748
23 A Spectra Net Ltd All India 6671
24 A Primus Telecommunications India Ltd. All India 6557
25 B Rolta India Ltd. Mumbai 6387
26 C Ortel Communications Ltd. Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Rourkela 5461
27 A RPG Infotech Ltd. (Sprint RPG India) All India 5430
28 A In 2 Pvt. Ltd. All India 5341
29 C Digital 2 Virtual ISP Private Ltd. Vadodara 5156
30 C Forum Infotech (P) Ltd. Srinagar SSA 5050
31 B Space Online (P) Ltd. Gujarat 4788
32 B E-Comm Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. Gujrat 3912
33 A Trak Online Net India All India 3587
34 B Trikon Electronics Mumbai 3295
35 B Blazenet Pvt. Ltd. Gujrat 3209
36 B Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd. Andhra Pradesh 3184
37 A Siti Cable Network (Zee Interactive Multimedia Ltd.) All India 2700
38 B Sixth Sense Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 2600
39 C Vasnet Communications Pvt. Ltd. Mangalore SSA 2374
40 B Geocity Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Delhi 2249
41 B Value Heathcare Ltd. Mumbai 2229
42 B Hathway Bhawani Cable & Datacom Mumbai 1704
43 B&C Descon Ltd. Kolkata, West Bengal 1695
44 B City Online Services Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka 1558
45 B Ankhnet Information Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 1555
46 C Tawi Jammu Tawi 1476
47 B Jain Info Net Pvt Ltd. Rajasthan 1431
48 C Spectrum Softech Solutions Ernakulam SSA 1273
49 A Dishnet Wireless Ltd. All India 1270
50 B Sab Industires Ltd. (Sab Infotech) Punjab, Karnal & Dharamshala 1195
51 C IPath India Pvt. Ltd. Ernakulam 1151
52 A ERNET India Ltd. All India 1130
53 A Swiftmail Communications Ltd. All India 1089
54 B Jindal Ltd. Gujrat 1025
55 C Broadlane Network Pvt. Ltd. Kalyan SSA 989
56 A Pacific Internet India All India 975
57 B Mylai Karpagamba Information System Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 964
58 B Broadlyyne Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 900
59 A Comsat Max Ltd. All India 873
60 C Websurf Pvt. Ltd. Kalyan SSA 791
61 B Ice Network (P) Ltd. Bangalore 785
62 A Tata Internet Services Ltd. All India 661
63 C Kappa Infotech Pvt Ltd. Kota SSA 593
64 C Sanchar Telenetwork Pvt. Ltd. Bhavnagar SSA 575
65 C Speed Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot 564
66 C Bohra Prastisthan Pvt. Ltd. Udaipur SSA 535
67 B Bhasinsoft India Ltd. Karnataka 532
68 C Uclix Computer's Pvt. Ltd. Jodhpur 525
69 A Primenet Global Ltd. All India 524
70 C Micky Online Pvt. Ltd. Moradabad, Nainital 497
71 B My Guru Online Andhra Pradesh 495
72 B Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Karnataka 462
73 C Bhaskar Multinet Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur SSA 454
74 B Tulip IT Service Ltd. Kerala 450
75 B Growth Compusoft Exports Ltd. Gujrat 444
76 C DeLaila Industry Pvt. Ltd. Srinagar SSA 440
77 B Silicon Mountains (I) Ltd. Maharashtra 425
78 C C-Tel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon SSA 422
79 B SpaceCom Broadband Network Ltd. Delhi 366
80 C ISP Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Coimbatore SSA 355
81 C Antriksh Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Jammu SSA 354
82 B Rajasthan Telematics Ltd. Rajasthan 350
83 C Quest Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Valsad 340
84 C CJ Online Pvt. Ltd. Ghaziabad SSA 320
85 C Emtici Engineering Ltd. Khera SSA 305
86 C Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd. Bhuvaneshwar 303
87 A Gateway Systems Pvt. Ltd. All India 301
88 B Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata 290
89 A N-Logue Communications(P) Ltd All India 268
90 A GUJ Info Petro Ltd.(GIPL) All India 262
91 C Rida Communications Pvt. Ltd. Aligarh 261
92 B NetMagic Solutions (P) Ltd. Mumbai 256
93 B Vainavi Industries Ltd. (MAC Info Pvt. Ltd.) Hydrabad 230
94 C Starnet Online Services Ltd. Visakha Patnam SSA 216
95 C Bhupati Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Visakhapatnam 213
96 B Karuturi Networks Limited Karnataka 200
97 A I2i Enterprise Ltd. All India 197
98 C Trans Virtual Pvt. Ltd. Guwahati 196
99 C Digital Nagpur Online Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur 186
100 B Online Media Solutions Ltd. Andhra Pradesh 175
101 B&C Del DSL Internet Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon 173
102 C Planet Internet Satellite Pvt. Ltd. Nadiad SSA 170
103 C Q Tel Comtech Ltd. Gurgaon 154
104 C North East Online Services Pvt. Ltd. Guwahati 142
105 C Cable Combine Communication Pvt. Ltd. Siliguri 116
106 A Worldcom Communications Pvt. Ltd. All India 110
107 B Viraj Telecom Ltd. Karnataka 105
108 A Estel Communications Pvt. Ltd. All India 100
109 A Reach Network India Pvt. Ltd. All India 93
110 C Sanyog Networks Pvt. Ltd. Tripura 80
111 C Mynet Services India Pvt. Ltd. Salem 74
112 C Instant Cable Network Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon SSA 72
113 B Manipal Ecommerce Ltd. (Manipal Control Data Electronic Commerce Ltd.) Karnataka 72
114 C Saravana Cables Pvt. Ltd. Trichirapalli SSA 68
115 A L&T Finance Ltd. (L&T Netcom Ltd.) All India 62
116 B&C CJM Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Ghaziabad 59
117 B Swastik Netvision Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Gujrat 55
118 B Direct Internet Pvt. Ltd. Delhi 46
119 C Aksh Broadband Ltd. Jaipur SSA 45
120 A GTL Ltd. All India 40
121 B Tata Power Broadband Company Ltd. Mumbai 38
122 C Czars Oleoresin Pvt. Ltd. Gulbarga 37
123 B Pioneer Online Service Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh 36
124 B Indian Quotations Systems Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 32
125 C Opto Networks Pvt.Ltd. Ghaziabad, Meerut SSA 32
126 B Vebtel Obconic Internet Protocol Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh 32
127 B Nettlinx Ltd. Andhra Pradesh 27
128 A RailTel Corporation Of India Ltd. All India 27
129 B Chandra Net Pvt. Ltd. Gujrat 25
130 C Surevin Internet Services Ltd Ghaziabad SSA 23
131 B Access Online Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 22
132 B IOL Broadband Ltd. (India Online Network Ltd.) Mumbai 22
133 A Gujrat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Co. Ltd. (GNFC) All India 21
134 B PBC Venture Ltd. (earlier Chemical & Metallurgical Design Co. Ltd.) Delhi 21
135 A Essel Shyam Communication Ltd, All India 18
136 C Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing, C-DAC (Electronics Research And Development Centre Of India (ER&DC)) Ghaziabad 17
137 A World Phone Internet Services (P) Ltd. All India 17
138 A Astro Network India Pvt. Ltd. All India 16
139 C Conjoinex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. J&K, Chandigarh 16
140 C Arun Girija Communications Pvt Ltd. Patna SSA 15
141 C Nachiket (I) Management Services (P) Ltd. Sri Ganganagar 13
142 B Uttar Pradesh Network Pvt. Ltd. Uttar Pradesh (E&W) 10
143 A Cyquator Technologies Ltd. All India 9
144 C Samkhya Networks (P) Ltd. Gurgaon 9
145 B Astra Infonets Pvt. Ltd. Hydrabad 8
146 C A-Team Information Technology Ltd. Erode 8
147 A Software Technology Park Of India (STPI) All India 8
148 C Akaansha Infotainment Pvt. Ltd. Kamrup SSA 6
149 B Giga Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra 5
150 B Godrej Infotech Ltd. Mumbai 5
151 B Haryana Cybernet Pvt. Ltd. Haryana 5
152 B Infomagic Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 5
153 B Kerala Communication Network Pvt. Ltd. Kerala 5
154 B Punjab Cybernet Pvt. Ltd. Punjab 5
155 B Surana Telecom Ltd. Andhra Pradesh 3
156 C Tandem Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum 3
157 C Compucom (I) Ltd. Jaipur SSA 2
158 C Apna Telelink Pvt LTD Jalandhar SSA 0
159 B Dialnet Communications Ltd. Delhi 0
160 A HCL Comnet All India 0
161 C Kushagra Telecom Pvt Ltd. Ghaziabad SSA 0
162 A Nelco Ltd. All India 0
163 C Shreedhar Infosys Ltd. Varanasi SSA 0
1: Same ID as in the TRAI PDF linked below.

Quarterly ISP figures released

Submitted by Karthik on 28 December, 2005 - 11:16

The TRAI has released ISP market figures for the quarter ending September 2005.

Summarised figures of the top five ISPs (quarter ending September 2005) were reported as follows:

ISP Subscribers
Growth (%)
BSNL 2.262 36.94 12.14
MTNL 1.207 19.71 8.72
Sify 0.856 13.97 1.13
VSNL 0.51 8.32 -20.56
Reliance 0.31 5.06 9.17
Airtel 0.193 3.15 24.24
Iqara 0.104 1.7 8.99
Hathway 0.05 0.82 22.02

Total Internet subscriber base: 6.125 million [3.95% quarterly growth]
The above figures include all modes of Internet access.


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