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Bandwidth Tests

Sites that offer bandwidth tests. There are many more available - a google for "bandwidth test" should list a number of other popular sites. Please make sure that all other applications are closed when these tests are performed. Please also feel free to report test results or link to test pages via our fora.

  • ZDNet India: The site belies its name as it is hosted outside India (in the US), but should provide an idea as to the speeds experienced in accessing a popular Indian website. Most Indian websites are (quite understandably) still hosted outside India.


Other Broadband Providers / Resellers [Beta]

The following is an unverified and incomplete list of ISPs in India that weren't large enough or widespread enough (in terms of coverage) to make it to the primary page. Submissions to this page can be made via the "Other ISPs" forum. Corporate, community and any commercial ISPs can also be submitted as they are being included in this list.

  • delDSL

    delDSL is a Delhi-based DSL provider that appears to primarily cater to the corporate segment.

  • Exatt Technologies

    Exatt is a Mumbai-based ISP providing cable connections in parts of Mumbai.



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