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Dream Theater - Octavarium

Submitted by Karthik on 31 May, 2005 - 11:06

Just been checking out the new DT album (a leaked copy as it's not due out until June 7th)..

Track Review post first listen:

1.The Root Of All Evil - Solid track to open with, sounds like they are continuing from where they left off in Train Of Thought.. Borrows from "This Dying Soul" just before the solo, which was pleasant and annoying to hear (if that makes sense :P)

2.The answer lies within - Mellow ballady track that I kept waiting in vain to pick up.. ugh

3.These Walls - Stereotypical DT track, nothing to see here.. move along people..

4.I walk beside you - Catchy track with a rather Eurythmicky riff, and a decent chorus. LaBrie's vocals have begun to get pretty monotonously tiring by this point..

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