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24 foreign TV channels flagged by IB for anti-India content

Submitted by Karthik on 12 December, 2012 - 01:05

According to the MEA, there are 90 TV channels of foreign origin which are being down-linked into India legally. There are apparently many which have not sought the necessary permissions to do so including 24 which have been deemed by the Intelligence Bureau to be "anti-national". Most of these are down-linked and broadcast via cable TV in India's border states.

The government has initiated steps to enhance the penal provisions for beaming such channels. Amendments to the Cable TV Act, which will include higher fines apart from the existing jail provisions, are ready to be introduced in Parliament.

The government's move to block the channels follows a spate of communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, Assam, Srinagar, Mumbai and other parts of India in recent months following motivated reports.

However, the authorities find it difficult to jam all channels. Encouraged by this lack of control and easily available in the border areas and even elsewhere, these channels are brought into homes via cable TV.

Ajit Doval, former director of the Intelligence Bureau, said, "If these channels are indulging in anti-national and seditious activities which are detrimental to the security of the country, then the government should take suitable legal action and a technological response to counter them."

India Today has published the following list of channels which appear to be the 24 stated in the other reports:

  1. Aaj (Pakistan)
  2. ARY TV (Pakistan)
  3. Dawn (Pakistan)
  4. Express (Pakistan)
  5. Filmax (Pakistan)
  6. Geo TV (Pakistan)
  7. Hadi TV (Pakistan)
  8. Madani TV (Pakistan)
  9. Noor TV (Pakistan)
  10. PTV (Pakistan, state run)
  11. PTV Home (Pakistan, state run)
  12. PTV World (Pakistan, state run)
  13. QTV (Pakistan)
  14. STV (Pakistan)
  15. Waqat (Pakistan)
  16. XYZ TV (possibly Pakistan)
  17. Peace TV (Dubai, run by Indian preacher Zakir Naik)
  18. Saudi TV
  19. TV Maldives
  20. NTV (Bangladesh)
  21. Nepal TV
  22. Kantipur (Nepal)
  23. Ahmadiyya Channel (UK)
  24. Bhutan Broadcasting Service

It's surprising to see Bhutan's national TV channel and TV Maldives on this list.