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India's inner engineering

Submitted by Karthik on 24 August, 2012 - 13:54

You are forgiven if you believed that this was going to be a feel-good post on India's rising technological prowess. Instead, you are going to be briefly acquainted (if you haven't already been) with the concept of inner engineering as propounded by Jaggi Vasudev. My interest was piqued by an ad with the title, Inner Engineering, a subtitle, Technologies for wellbeing, and an invitation to register for an upcoming event where my innards could apparently be engineered by an expert presumably resulting in a soft, crepuscular halo forming above my heretofore benighted head. What in my surfing history led Google to believe that I would be interested in such matters is another story altogether.

Clicking on the ad led me to the Isha Yoga site which informs me thusly:

"As we have physical science to create external well-being there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well being. I call it Inner Engineering."
- Sadhguru


Inner Engineering can be thought of as a synthesis of holistic sciences. It helps participants establish an inner foundation and vision for all dimensions of life and find the necessary balance between the challenges of a hectic career and the inner longing for peace and well being.

(Emphasis mine)

It is amusing to see the transition over time of the marketese used to peddle these offerings. Initially, things were pranic and tantric. Then they became synergistic and holistic. Once the next generation arrived and the world began to revolve around science and technology, that great mesmeriser of the masses, Deepak Chopra, decided to take things a step further. He started talking about quantum healing and quantum entanglement to describe healing processes. The industry simply exploded. You might not have had the fortune of becoming acquainted with Q-RAK, or Quark-Reiki Atomic Kundalini (sometimes marketed as Quantum-Reiki Atomic Kundalini). Inner engineering is another similarly ham-handed—if a little more tempered—attempt at lending a pseudo-scientific ring to an "alternative" product.

The Isha Yoga site is not forthcoming with information regarding prices, the number of participants, etc.. However, while this site appears to be tailored towards Indians, the international equivalent is marketed via and does list prices. Money does grow on trees. For some.