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Cricket 2007

Submitted by Karthik on 15 December, 2006 - 02:54

EA Sports' Cricket 2007 was released a few weeks back, and considering that I reviewed the previous version, I feel compelled to add a quick note here. To sum things up right at the outset, it plain sucks. There are hardly any (but the most cosmetic of) improvements over Cricket 2005 (with respect to the gameplay as such) and the graphics are just as bad as ever.

While it has been said that the analogue controller (dubber the 'century stick' or something inane like that) will provide a marked improvement over the keyboard controls, I have it on good authority that it isn't anything to write home about either.

All in all, when it comes to gameplay, don't waste your money, time or bandwidth on this if you already have Cricket 2005.