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Global comparison of Broadband services [Beta]

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Typical Plans:

Typical plans offered in other countries, along with plans offered in India that satisfy the base criteria (see notes):
Country ISP Technology Downstream Upstream Datacap Price (per month)
Australia Internode DSL 1.5 Mbps 256 Kbps 7 GB Rs.2041.87
Brazil Velox DSL 600 Kbps 300 Kbps 60 GB Rs.2089.96
Canada Rogers Cable 3 Mbps 384 Kbps 60 GB Rs.1769.10
India Airtel DSL No Plan No Plan No Plan Rs.0.00
India BSNL DSL 512 Kbps ? Kbps 5 GB Rs.1800.00
India Hathway Cable 256 Kbps ? Kbps None Rs.120000.001
India Iqara Cable 256 Kbps ? Kbps None Rs.5000.00
India MTNL DSL 512 Kbps 512 Kbps 5 GB Rs.3999.00
India Reliance Ethernet 256 Kbps ? Kbps 10 GB Rs.1200.00
India Sify Cable No Plan No Plan No Plan Rs.0.00
India Tata Indicom DSL 512 Kbps ? Kbps 6 GB Rs.4450.00
Japan Yahoo BB DSL 50 Mbps 3 Mbps None Rs.1299.38
Malaysia Telecom Malaysia (TMNet) DSL 1 Mbps 384 Kbps None Rs.1072.41
Singapore Pacific Internet Cable 6.5 Mbps 384 Kbps None Rs.1855.73
South Korea Hanaro Telecom DSL 20 Mbps 20 Mbps None Rs.1260.84
Sweden Telia DSL 2 Mbps Unknown None Rs.1702.37
UAE Al Shamil DSL 512 Kbps 256 Kbps None Rs.2366.92
United Kingdom BT Internet DSL 2 Mbps 256 Kbps 20 GB Rs.2140.99
United States Verizon DSL 3 Mbps 768 Kbps None Rs.1745.33

1This is an annual unlimited plan.


  • Criteria for selection are:
    • Minimum datacap no less than 5 GB/month.
    • Minimum downstream bandwidth no less than 256 Kbps.
    • Minimum upstream bandwidth no less than 256 Kbps.
    • No time restrictions.
    • Only monthly plans considered with the exception of plans without data caps.
    • Quality of Service, though a huge factor in our country, has been disregarded.
    These criteria invalidate all the low priced plans in India (that serve no purpose besides marketing), and plans which do not offer a minimum of 256 Kbps upload speeds (which essentially are not true broadband).
  • Most of the above (non-Indian) plans become (a lot) cheaper upon entering contracts or bundling with other services.
  • It is possible and likely that many of the Indian ISPs listed have upstream speeds that do not meet the 256 Kbps criteria. But they have been included anyway due to lack of data.

Recently Introduced Plans:

These plans/speeds are scheduled to become the broadband norm in the next year or two:
Country ISP Technology Downstream Upstream Datacap Price (per month)
Australia Internode ADSL 2 24 Mbps 1 Mbps 15 GB Rs.2041.87
Japan Asahi Net FTTH 100 Mbps 100 Mbps None Rs.1299.38
Singapore Pacific Internet Cable 30 Mbps 1 Mbps None Rs.3311.77
Sweden Telia ADSL 2 24 Mbps Unknown None Rs.2214.78
United Kingdom Be ADSL 2 24 Mbps 1.3 Mbps None Rs.1903.81
United States Verizon FIOS 15 Mbps 2 Mbps None Rs.2297.22

Currency Conversion Rates:

The following currency exchange rates (source: OANDA Interbank rates) have been used in the above tables:
Currency Exchange Rate
1 KRW Rs.0.04503
1 JPY Rs.0.38603
1 SEK Rs.5.69353
1 HKD Rs.5.93121
1 MYR Rs.12.18648
1 AED Rs.12.52337
1 BRL Rs.20.92048
1 SGD Rs.27.1902
1 AUD Rs.34.05951
1 CAD Rs.39.35708
1 USD Rs.45.99032
1 GBP Rs.79.32548

Rates last updated: 01/Dec/2005.
Plans last updated: 20/Nov/2005.


While relative care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this page, please recommend any changes that need to be made via the Forum. You may also submit your own views and reviews in the appropriate section.
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