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10-storey building built in 48 hours in Mohali

Submitted by Karthik on 7 December, 2012 - 19:59

A company named Synergy Thrislington has entered the Limca Book of Records for successfully erecting a ten storey building in Mohali within 48 hours. The building was largely assembled using panels prefabricated in the company's factory.

While the company announced the building to be complete after assembling the factory-made panels and other construction material, the glass panes on the windows and other fittings inside were still being put by the workers and engineers. It had taken the company to manufacture the entire construction material in a period of over about two months.

This material was moved to the site and put together with the help of three cranes and over 200 skilled workers, technicians and engineers to come up with Instacon - a 48-hour wonder. The material used was manufactured in the past two months in a nearby factory. The building used pre-fabricated material, including 200 tonnes of steel.

A part of the ground floor was furnished that was showcased to the media. Various works, including air-conditioning, installation of lighting appliances and making toilets, etc, functional will be taken up later. As of now after the 48 hours only the ground floor was somewhat functional, while the furnishing of upper nine floors will also be undertaken later on.

NDTV's story on this project includes a time-lapse sequence that showcases the evolution of the building's construction over 48 hours.