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Pakistan's 'halal' Facebook clone in a crisis

Submitted by Karthik on 2 January, 2013 - 19:22

Millat Facebook (WP) was created in 2010 to combat all the "blasphemy" on Facebook. According to an article on ET, it has not exactly taken off and is now requesting dubious handouts to pay its server bills.

MillatFacebook sought donations to "help us towards our goal of keeping this Peaceful Social Network run forever and defeat blasphemer Facebook".

"As you can imagine, cost of running a social network is never easy and very costly. Current month we are facing a shortfall of 581 USD in server payments. (We are paying $ 1000s in server payments ourselves and now need your helping hand to meet this shortfall)," the email said.

According to, a leading source of internet traffic information, MillatFacebook attracts an average of two users a day.

Experts believe that with such low traffic, it would be unlikely that MillatFacebook would need to buy expensive web hosting facilities.

The reported websitetrafficspy stats appear to be grossly understated by at least a factor of 100. But, that doesn't really affect the eventual conclusion that the reporters have arrived at. Curiously, according to Alexa (which is what websitetrafficspy bases its stats on), the number of Indians accessing Millat Facebook beats the corresponding number of Pakis by a factor of five.