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Useful Links

Bandwidth Tests

Sites that offer bandwidth tests. There are many more available - a google for "bandwidth test" should list a number of other popular sites. Please make sure that all other applications are closed when these tests are performed. Please also feel free to report test results or link to test pages via our fora.

  • ZDNet India: The site belies its name as it is hosted outside India (in the US), but should provide an idea as to the speeds experienced in accessing a popular Indian website. Most Indian websites are (quite understandably) still hosted outside India.
  • Bandwidthplace Bandwidth Tester: Popular Testing Site.
  • DSL Reports Speed Test: Another very popular site. Also lists links to other similar sites.


Links to sites dealing with India's Internet infrastructure.

  • Afilias India: Afilias India is a subsidiary of Ireland based Afilias Limited, and manages the ccTLD .IN registry in India. Its parent company also manages the .org, .info, .hn, .sc, .sg registries among others.
  • DOT India: Department Of Telecommunications, India.
  • Indian Domain Registry: InRegistry oversees registration of .IN domain names in India. It functions under the auspices of NIXI.
  • ISPAI: The Internet Service Providers Association of India is the collective voice of ISPs in India, and is said to be responsible for initiatives such as NIXI.
  • MIT: Ministry Of Communications & Information Technology of India.
  • NIXI: National Internet Exchange of India is a private, neutral and not-for-profit company which oversees the peering of Indian ISPs domestically, thus improving speeds and reducing oversease bandwidth charges. Incidentally, Nixi is also the name given to Roman godesses associated with birth and women in labour. Considering the present situation of Internet connectivity in India, it is rather fitting.
  • TRAI: The Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India is an independent organisation set up by the Government of India to regulate the telecommunications sector in India.


A list of links to resources for Linux users.

  • Linux User Groups: ISPs seldom provide adequate support for Linux users. Therefore, the best place to receive support (besides our fora :), is via the neighbourhood LUG. Most of them use mailing lists for communication, and a handful hold regular monthly meetings.
  • eciADSL Driver: Linux driver site for ADSL modems that are based on the GlobaSpan chipset.

Network Tools and Utilities

Useful and commonly used networking tools and utilities used for diagnostic, informational or trouble-shooting purposes. Please do not abuse.

Other Broadband Fora

A list of other Indian broadband related fora on the Internet.

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