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Sandhan: a search engine with Indic support

Submitted by Karthik on 21 September, 2012 - 01:02

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITy) has launched what appears to be a prototype effort at a search engine dedicated to service Indian customers not conversant with English. Dubbed Sandhan, the interface currently supports five languages—Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu—and primarily answers queries particular to Indian tourism.

Quadrimonthly / Tetramonthly / Triannual

Submitted by Karthik on 11 June, 2006 - 21:11

There's monthly, bimonthly and quarterly.. So what's the word to indicate "every four months"? Apparently, nobody knows.. but the choices were Tetramonthly (which sounds horrible), triannual (which indicates three years rather than a third of a year.. i.e, it's the same as triennial) and lastly, quadrimonthly, which, atleast to yours truly, makes the most sense. Moreover, if Big Blue can use it, so can Quillem :)


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