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Indian broadband speeds currently about 17% of global average

Submitted by Karthik on 4 June, 2013 - 23:07

Cisco's Visual Networking Index for 2012–2017 forecasts usage and growth in Internet traffic in the next five years. Besides the expected excitement on mobile and video growth and Internet penetration, the paper and presentation offer per-country statistic which are quite telling.

Global broadband speeds:

Cisco announces flaw in in two of its management tools

Submitted by Karthik on 8 April, 2004 - 10:55

Computer Weekly reports that Cisco have announced yet another flaw in their software.. This follows a bunch of vulnerabilities detected last month in their router and switch IOS software.

A default user name and password combination were written, or "hard coded", into the software which runs on both devices and cannot be disabled. A malicious user who had the password would have complete control of the affected device, which could be used as a platform for further attacks, Cisco warned.

This must be the millionth "preset username and password" flaw reported in a networking device; albeit this time it's hard-coded :S Patches are available..

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